Companies waste enormous amounts of money on marketing. Why? Because they're not communicating clearly who they are or what they offer and they're running their ad campaigns based on the wrong metrics.

Stop the bleeding. Instead, build for long-term success.

This workshop will teach you how to clarify your message and clean up your ads so you:

  • Explain your brand story in a way that makes customers want to buy
  • Create targeted, cost-effective marketing campaigns
  • Drive revenue and profitability
  • Create a system the works for the long-term
  • Stand out from your competition

BONUS: Walk away with 7 questions your messaging should answer and a 4-step digital marketing strategy for long-term success.

Join us for a free lunch and make sure you're not making the critical mistakes that are costing companies nationwide millions of dollars. We'll even pull up a few participants' websites to give live feedback on what they could be doing better.


Amy Kendall, CEO and Founder of Hello Story

Amy Kendall is the founder and CEO of Hello Story, which is an agency of experienced marketing writers focused on creating effective marketing messaging and content. She specializes in helping companies establish a clear, overarching message and then implementing that message across their website, email nurture campaigns, sales materials, lead generating assets, and other marketing content. Learn more at, or reach her at 801-885-5597 or [email protected]

Brandon Bateman, CEO and Founder of Bateman Collective

Brandon Bateman is the founder and CEO of Bateman Collective, a PPC agency with a $7M yearly paid traffic portfolio. Brandon specializes in helping companies get more from their existing marketing budgets and scaling results. He has helped clients decrease acquisition costs by 35% on average. Reach Brandon at 407-430-2576 or [email protected]