Want to become a leader in your market with your brand becoming the irresistible guide to your buyer's desired transformation? Come join us on a Thursday evening to learn how to stop just throwing marketing messages at the wall and seeing what sticks and really start breaking out of the noise!

On the last Thursday of the month Know Better Brand puts on a free two-hour Masterclass to help you learn what brand storytelling should look like in your marketing efforts and then begin to systematically implement it into your business.

The BetterBrand StoryShift Mastermind

The Better Brand Masterclass is your introduction to a whole community of purpose-driven brands building and creating the change they wish to see in the world and if you've joined us for a Masterclass event before you are invited to a more focused mastermind group called The StoryShift Mastermind where we discuss the challenges you have in our branding and messaging and come up with new and innovative ways to get your message out there.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Register for this event on Eventbrite
  2. Attend The Better Brand Masterclass and learn how to break out of the noise with your Brand's story
  3. After attending the Masterclass, come join the StoryShift Mastermind and engage with the community.
  4. Use the StoryShift Community as a sounding board, a way to stay accountable, and a catalyst for the growth of your purpose-driven brand.