Come hear from one of our Kiln Members about Courageous Leadership! 

Location: Theater

Donney knows what courage is all about. He has overcome

the affects of an abusive and alcoholic father, and a mother,

step-father and brother who all dealt and abused drugs. His

childhood was marred because of his family’s involvement with

a prison gang in San Jose, CA. Donney has proven he has the

courage to stand tall through the obstacles and challenges of

life, even though he stands at 5’2”. Donney is a courageous

leader who has shifted the direction of his life from the gangster

world he grew up in, to one of successful entrepreneurship.

Donney is a leader who understands the difference between

earning and demanding the respect you are shown. Donney is

the co-owner of two organizations; DFS Marketing LLC., and

Jupiter LLP. Both work with organizations to help leaders shift

their thinking, earn the respect of their people, and focus on

having the courage to stand tall.

Donney will inspire your organization with stories and examples

of courage. He will motivate you with his passion for helping

people shift in order to reach their highest potential. Donney is

PASSIONATE about working with organizations who invest in