Does your team have problems making decisions? Do you feel stuck?

You're invited! Come learn to use the Design Sprint process to help your team communicate, test ideas, and power innovation.

In this hands-on introduction to Design Sprints, we'll cover:

- cover the basics of the 5 Day Design Sprint process used by Google Ventures and popularized by Jake Knapp's book, Sprint(Map – Sketch – Decide – Prototype – Test)

- illustrate the process by guiding you through a short Sprint you can use with your own teams

- discuss how to facilitate a sprint, define and prioritize challenges, and most importantly, understand your customers’ needs and map their journeys

- review how you can run iterative tests to get rapid user feedback

Is this workshop for you? Typical attendees include: Product Managers, Researchers, Marketers, Heads of Innovation, CTOs/VPs of Engineering, Developers, UX/UI Designers, and Creative/Art Directors.

This workshop is not for those wanting to sit back and hear the theory. You should come prepared to work hard in an intense, time-boxed, collaborative setting.

Thanks to the great people at Kiln for sharing their space for this meetup!

Chris Federer :

Chris is a freelance organizer, facilitator, and a ‘farmer of collaboration’ thanks to his natural tendency to explore, connect, and host experiences to help teams break through their challenges. He has spent his career facilitating Experiential Learning programs around the world and loves helping people make decisions and discover new exciting opportunities.