Based on the research found in The Innovator's DNA and The Innovator's Method, this workshop teaches a research-backed set of resources and practices to help individuals, teams, and organizations develop the five key behaviors of disruptive innovators as well as become more effective problem solvers, better understand customer needs, identify and vet solutions, and create disruptive offerings. Find more info and register on our website.

Kiln Members: 

Innovator's DNA, a Lehi-based innovation training and consulting company, is offering four exclusive spots to Kiln members to attend an upcoming Innovator's DNA & Method workshop. The week-long workshop focuses on three main topics: (1) unlocking individual creativity and problem-solving potential, (2) deep customer immersion, and (3) rapid experimentation and prototyping. It will be hosted at the Lehi Kiln location from Jan 28 - Feb 1. See the attached brochure and agenda for more information. If you have questions or would like more details, contact [email protected], or look for an opportunity to attend an informational session in early January. Use the code LEHISTARTUP to receive a 70% discount. **Check out our general SLACK channel for more information.