Colonial Stock Transfer


Colonial Stock Transfer is over 30 years old, serving corporate clients throughout the world. With our roots in the Broker Dealer world, we understand raising capital. Colonial Stock has developed remarkable cloud based solutions that have helped clients raise capital, and manage their shareholder relations.


Frits Tessers


Over 30 years of helping small companies from startups to mature businesses, raise capital, improve profitability, create and develop distribution channels. Author of Major League Selling. Clients have included companies as large Astra Zeneca, SC Johnson and Sons, Chrysler.


Frits will be at KILN as an Ad Hoc Advisor. His primary focus will be to help you consider different approaches to raising capital. He is also available to discuss ideas in distribution development, and sales. As a certified marketing coach, he is happy to review your marketing plans. As a seasoned Business Consultant, he is happy to review your business plan as well. There is no charge for his advisory service.


Nothing Frits shares is to be construed as licensed legal or licensed financial advice or counsel.

Frits will be joined by Grey Petty.

Gray is an attorney experienced in all areas of intellectual property law. He has experience in managing patent and trademark portfolios. Gray has been involved in every step of the patent process. Patents begin by listen to inventors about their ideas, then taking those ideas and drafting them into a patent. Guiding the patent through prosecution, then if the inventors want, licensing and monetizing those patents. Though inventors, business and financial advisors, and attorneys often communicate in different languages, Gray has fostered the ability to understand and interpret scientific, financial, and legal dialects and takes pride in utilizing all aspects to produce the best outcome for clients. Gray enjoys educating companies and inventors about intellectual property and helping clients determine what ideas are worth pursuing. Once clients have determined what they want to protect Gray works with clients to develop protections and practices specifically tailored to each client’s needs.