Odds are, you’ve heard about some of the benefits offered by many of the largest and most competitive businesses in the area. These benefits range from ping-pong tables to unlimited PTO to nap rooms to on-site farmers' markets. Before worrying about whether or not your business is capable of matching these benefits, you should ask yourself a few questions:

Do these benefits matter? 

Are they appreciated and used by employees? 

Can you match the value of the more lavish benefits on the market in more useful, cost-effective ways?

Dave Jackson is an expert in finding strategic and creative ways to help employers put together benefit packages that provide actual value for employees. His strategy is backed by data sourced from both national studies as well as NFP’s own proprietary data collected from businesses across the state of Utah. We know what benefits employees value and how the non-unicorns (or future unicorns) of the state can compete in a hyper-competitive employment market.

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