LEHI - 2 participants of accelerator Beta Boom’s Summer program are creating waves in Utah. More specifically, Halston van der Sluys and Cameron Stuart are creating WiWaves, to charge devices wirelessly.

Van der Sluys first became interested in tech after “coding one line on a computer and [falling] in love with it.” Their product uses capsule device that has a power source and transmits that power over signals similar to Wi-Fi. The key difference between Wi-Fi and WiWaves is that WiWaves transmits power, not data. As of now, this duo have successfully created a product that can charge products from up to 20 feet away, using a credit card-sized receiver to receive the power from the capsule.

However, van der Sluys and Stuart’s ambitions don’t stop with powering handheld devices, as they plan to increase the range of the capsule to 50 feet and hope to one day power appliances like TV’s and refrigerators.

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