For anyone who’s looked at a cryptocurrency trading platform and felt overwhelmed, you’re not alone. The crypto market is complex, and with such a volatile market, it’s easy to miss out on opportunities and be on the “I almost made” side of trades. There are a lot of great trading platforms, but for those of you who want to up your crypto trading game, Neuryx Pro is here for you. Neuryx is a highly intelligent cryptocurrency watchdog that helps you make smarter trades. When connected to an exchange platform, Neuryx helps automate trading so you don’t have to stay glued to your computer to ensure you get the best price for your order.

Today, I’ll discuss five common trading headaches that Neuryx Pro solves.


To begin, crypto trading can be intimidating. Trading tends to have a learning curve, as you have to learn how to read the analytics and graphs. In addition, the market is constantly moving and changing with the market, and it’s easy to get lost in the volatility.

Neuryx, on the other hand, is simple and easy to use. Whether you’re a cryptocurrency veteran or new to trading, Neuryx simplifies the trading experience. It boils everything down to a trading signal and simple one button actions.

Maker vs. Taker

Whenever you trade crypto, you can either be a maker or a taker. Makers are people who “make” an order on the order books, and takers are those who fulfill those orders. While taker orders are convenient because they allow you to make the quickest trade, they also incur fees. In most exchanges, if you want to avoid the taker fees, you can place a limit order. While limit orders are great, slippage might occur if you post an order, and it just sits on the book and slides away from the market price. If that happens, you have to manually go into the exchange, cancel your order, and repost it at the new price to try and get your order to fill. During periods of high trading volume, it can be very difficult to manually execute a limit order trade on an exchange.

With Neuryx, we make it easy for you to be a maker and avoid fees. With the use of AI assisted limit orders that essentially simulate market orders, your order never sits on the books. Our software checks the market price several times a second, and will automatically post, cancel, and repost an order. You can specify how much slippage can occur before Neuryx cancels and reposts your order, so you get the benefits of a market order without any of the taker fees.

Proprietary Signal

Many exchanges provide valuable insight into trade history; it’s easy to see how the market has changed in recent minutes, hours, and months, but it doesn’t tell you what to do. With the volatility of crypto markets, it’s a challenge to know when to buy and when to sell.

At Neuryx, we give you the signal on when it’s buying time or selling time. Based on a detailed and up-to-date analysis of current market conditions, Neuryx helps you make better trades by giving you a proprietary signal. But perhaps most powerfully, we also give an associated strength of suggestion to help you make your decision. Along with the buy and sell signal, Neuryx provides a strength index between 0 and 100%. With the simple buy/sell signal and associated strength, it’s so much easier to stay on top of market trends and make profits.

Trade Smarter

With their candle charts and volume charts and current market prices, exchanges are good at giving you an idea of what’s going on in the market, but give no explanation of what all those numbers mean. In addition, trading manually on exchanges can be tricky, and slippage and fees are common risks of any trade.

Luckily, Neuryx helps you trade smarter. We go beyond the candle chart and analyze the market data, and provide an easy to understand interpretation of what is currently going on in the market, so you can make informed and smart decisions in your cryptocurrency investments. Additionally, our product is designed to help you navigate the crypto exchange in a way that allows you to avoid fees and slippage.


Most exchanges have great websites for trading on a computer, but it’s not very practical or easy to use on a mobile device. The cryptocurrency market never sleeps and trading happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike computers, we are biological beings that need to eat and sleep, and we can’t watch crypto markets all day long.

Thankfully, we have Neuryx, an ever ready watchdog, which is optimized for mobile devices, so you can trade smarter and on the go with just your thumb. Neuryx lets you can act on market opportunities no matter where you are.

Just the beginning

We‘re focused on cryptocurrency innovation at Neuryx. As we drive our technology forward, we’re headed towards increasingly intelligent automation, and a vision towards an even smarter financial future.