Beta Boom, a new business incubator and member of Kiln, concluded their summer cohort with a fundraising tour to the Bay Area, New York City, Boston, and locally in Utah to introduce founders to potential venture capital investors. Working as an extension of the founder’s team, Beta Boom has placed a great focus on supporting “female founders, minority founders, younger founders, older founders, and anyone else that does not fit the old pattern”.

Six teams were a part of the Summer 2018 cohort: Fiveable, Good Glucos, Kalyan, Venulist, WishYourPrice, and WiWaves. Beta Boom’s mission is to target underrepresented groups in entrepreneurship by helping them with the initial stages of startups and connecting them with resources and funding that allow their unique and innovative ideas to succeed. Each are focused on major issues and innovations, and the founders come from diverse backgrounds -- two-thirds have a female founder, and two-thirds have a founder of color.

Fiveable, founded by Amanda DoAmaral and Nichole Morales, is an education platform that prepares students for success in college by giving access to Advanced Placement (AP) and college preparedness courses.

Elliot Gatt, a type 1 diabetic, and co-founder Pierrick Gelinas started Good Glucos, which provides cheap subscription-based access to diabetes testing supplies with a charitable mission, giving away a 12-month prescription to someone in need for every twelve new subscriptions.

Two pairs of parents with children with food allergies, Alma and Evelyn Ohene-Opare and Aaron and Celeste Janssen, want to help parents like them with managing severe food allergies. Kalyan’s mission is to provide a place for individuals and families to support one another, discover new recipes, and find groceries and supplies.

Bryan Miller and Aaron Anderson, from Houston, Texas, are aiming to disrupt the venue booking market. Their project is an AirBnb-like solution that utilizes the latest in 3D technology to streamline the booking process for venue owners and renters.

Why pay the same price as everyone else? WishYourPrice is founded by Getha Natarajan, and allows consumers to suggest prices that make sense to them, and allow retailers to expand their customer base.

WiWaves seeks to make long-distance wireless charging a reality. Teen co-founders Halston van der Sluys and Cameron Stuart have already designed a prototype that is capable of charging your smartphone from 20 feet away and they have plans to run appliances like your TV and refrigerator without a chord.

Find out more about Beta Boom and their most recent cohort, and news about future cohorts here.

Photo: Sergio Paluch