We’re new to Boulder, but we’re diving right in. Our goal is to get to know more about the robust startup ecosystem that exists here. 

There are hundreds of Boulder-based startups, working on products ranging from unsupervised machine learning to robotics to genome engineering. Each month, we’ll cover a few we think you should have on your radar. 

Spark Grills: Forbes Most Innovative Grill 2020

Spark Grills is combining the smoke, flavor, and sizzle of a charcoal-burning grill with the ease and durability of the classic, gas grill. And, the grills look sleek with their cutting-edge design. 

They’re all the buzz and will elevate your apres-ski cookout, or mix up the monotony of cooking at home. With recent press from New York Times Style Magazine, Gear Patrol, Dwell, Forbes, and TechCrunch, many people agreed that this would be the perfect addition to cold winter nights and summer cookouts alike. 

We’ve included Spark Grills in our Boulder startup series because their HQ is based here, and some manufacturing takes place locally. Founder, Benjamin West, has identified a clearly articulated problem: in the transition to the convenience of gas grills, we’ve lost the essence of true barbecue. Now, foodies, home-cooks, and science geeks can all get behind the Spark Grill because it has oven-like precision, reaches temps of 900F, and is easy to clean up. West has a proven track record with his last company, EcoZoom, which brought high efficiency cookstoves to areas in the developing world that are plagued with indoor air pollution. 

We’re excited to keep up with Spark Grills as it grows! 

Misty Robotics: an Innovative and Magical Web Development Program

Usually, robots are a tool for roboticists. Not anymore. Misty Robotics is bringing its robots to developers, so that they can more efficiently complete business, personal, research, and educational projects. You can send Misty commands, or extend her powers through API integrations. Some use their Misty Robot as a concierge -- she can detect humans in the room, localize their location, greet them, and answer their questions. 

Founded in 2017 and based locally in Boulder, this team is a powerhouse and their product is sure to revolutionize the office and home space through robotics. Fun fact: Misty Robotics screened all of our guests at our VIP opening party in October, 2020. 

TeamSnap: a Mobile and Web-based Team Management Software

When TeamSnap launched their first-beta in 2007, CEO David Dupont and Chief Creative Officer, Andrew Berkowitz, envisioned a streamlined way for coaches, players, and families to communicate and coordinate about their sports teams. Now, they’ve got 23 million users in 196 countries, and so many rely on their easy-to-use solutions for communication, scheduling, payment collection, registration, and real-time game sharing. 

Though TeamSnap is 10+ years old, and resembles a scaled team and company structure, we thought we’d give David and Andrew a shout out here. They are both Boulder locals who have brought enormous innovation to the startup ecosystem, and believe in a healthier, happier, and more connected world through sports. We agree wholeheartedly! 

Check back in next month for another round of our Boulder startup series. Until then, pop into Kiln Boulder and meet leaders and champions in the local tech ecosystem. You never know who you’ll run into!