There are a ton of advantages to coworking that the Kiln blog has tackled. We’ve detailed the ways it can Free Up Management Time, What Amenities Your Prospective Employee Wants and Top Ways You Can Reduce Financial Liability here at Kiln, today we’re approaching how coworking helps your team reduce their carbon footprint and strive to a company culture that prioritizes sustainability for all. 

Ditch the Commercial Lease

Kiln’s Pay as You Grow model helps more than just your bank account. Large commercial space leases have strong adverse impacts on the environment that build up fast between energy, water and the environmental cost to build. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings account for an average of 41% of the world’s energy use. A large part of this is due to the amount of energy buildings take to run on a daily basis. In fact, 73% of our electric consumption in the United States belongs to buildings. What is taking up that energy? It’s a lot - lighting, heating, cooling and outlet use are big contenders. Working at Kiln helps consolidate those impacts by ditching the commercial lease and ending the need to heat/cool and light massive spaces that your team might not even be ready to use all of yet. 

Shared Resources and Tech

Startups constantly feel the pressure to provide a cool place to work. This often comes at a cost, not only to Capex and your bank account - but oftentimes to the environment as well. By working at Kiln, we reduce the number of “fun to have” amenities and resources to one that is shared by all companies in our locations. That means one ping pong table, one kegerator for our favorite local Kombucha and one theatre space to facilitate community events in. Beyond the fun things we are able to offer, we also help companies reduce the amount of tech they invite into their office spaces which means less tech waste when it is time to upgrade and smaller startup costs for you. Finally, food waste no more! The standard of providing snacks, coffee and water adds up fast - working in a coworking spaces enables us to buy in bulk and predict consumption for you so together we can reduce and at times even eliminate the amount of food waste generated by an individual company. 

Kiln’s Special Touches 

Kiln has some special touches up our sleeves in addition to the bonuses detailed above. We are committed to using reusable dish ware in our kitchens, selecting energy smart technology and recycling. Reaching for a plate that can be washed and used again helps cut down on paper product consumption and keeps styrofoam and plastic that has been contaminated with food waste out of our landfills. Smart technology choices also works in all of our favors, reaching for eco-wise lightbulbs and technology that is manufactured to reduce it’s own electric consumption makes it easy to reduce our carbon footprint here at Kiln. We’ve partnered with Momentum Recycling in SLC and with the state in Lehi to make sure all available recyclable materials are disposed of properly. In addition to the traditional paper, plastic, metal recycling - we offer an avenue to recycle ink cartridges, batteries and even the kegs that our favorite local kombucha company, Sünnte, uses.