Our global society is growing closer through greater awareness of, and increased attention towards, a more diverse set of narratives, histories, and perspectives. As we learn to celebrate and support every unique individual, Kiln wants to do our part in uplifting those on the journey to becoming their best selves. 

Kiln welcomes and values individuals from every walk of life. More importantly, we actively provide and cultivate an ecosystem for our members to evaluate their personal and professional lives. Here’s how: 

Every Kiln location is built with energy saving principles, efficient lighting, solar panels, and sustainable products. Every office is flooded with natural light and our cafes and Kiln carts are stocked with local, organic goods. We can vouch – when you work in a place you love, you’ll do your best work. 

We’ve created a space that’s catered towards the needs of startups, creatives, and enterprise teams. Nonetheless, Kiln is home to a much wider range of companies from clothing retailers to freelance graphic designers to financial firms. While you might work in a dedicated space alongside your colleagues, the beauty of Kiln comes in rubbing shoulders with different people each day. 

We put our whole hearts into creating community at Kiln, through weekly programming, events, and activities. Try yoga, cocktail club, Après Work Happy Hours, Speaker Series, 3D printing workshops, trivia nights, and Waffle Wednesdays. Check out our ever-changing list of events

In the spirit of showcasing the many multifaceted personalities of Kiln, we encourage you to check out some of our most recent member spotlights. Get to know Verity Noble, Dominic Monahan, and Tyler Allgaier

Kiln has something for everyone – book a tour and see for yourself today!