In the world we live in today, why not share? There’s roughly 20 billion square feet of industrial warehouse space in the US alone. About one-third of it is empty. Chunker is on a mission to help! Offering an online marketplace for temporary warehouse space, Chunker can help you list, search, and even license warehouse space right on their website. 

Chunker was run as a side hustle for some time, but finally had its hard launch in January of this year. Coming up on another round of funding- their team and company- is sure to keep growing! When asked why they chose Kiln, Greg Heaps, CMO of Chunker shared, “There’s a vibe here. You get so much for what seems to be fairly little. If you were to get a traditional office space, it would be quiet with 4 blank walls. You would not have the resources, the help, the support that Kiln provides. All of the activities and full-service offerings that are available for only a team of 5 and still affordable right here in the hub of tech in Lehi.”

Growing from an office for two to an office for fourteen, Chunker has enjoyed their growth stage at Kiln. With an impactful culture and environment, they have benefitted from much more than just the physical space. Greg went on to say, “The culture and environment is really neat here. The way it is put together gives such a good feeling. We have done some networking that would not have happened otherwise just by sitting at a public spot and connecting with someone. In fact, we closed a deal here with another Kiln company just the other day. We are also using another company here for marketing strategy analysis. There have been great interactions. Even with fun events like ping-pong contests and Apres Work, this is the meaningful stuff that you wouldn’t get if you were just a team of 5 in a secluded office.”

Be sure to add Chunker to your “Startups to Watch” list and keep your eye out for this company next time your at Kiln. Even stop by for their “Chunker Hump Day Happy Hour”, a fun tradition they started to make more friendships and connections with their neighbor companies.