In immediate response to Covid-19, and as an ongoing commitment, Kiln’s flexible office space and coworking communities feature cutting-edge technology and market-leading processes to ensure a safe, healthy, and productive working environment for all. 

Kiln’s newest location in Boulder, Colorado (2101 Pearl Street) may become one of the city's most Covid-conscious office space options. Here are some of the implemented technologies and processes: 

> Hospital grade proactive purifier (HVAC) that uses friendly ions and oxidizers to kill viruses in the air and on surfaces

> Anti-microbial brass ‘Kiln Key’ system enabling navigation of Kiln without ever having to touch a common surface

> Desk ‘clean mats’ available for personal work stations to ensure a clean working surface on demand

> Micro-ionizers for continuous cleaning on phone booths and wellness rooms using UVC technology

> Advanced infrared temperature check-in stations as a ‘self-check’ service for members and guests

> Wayfinding and human circulation system for walkways and communal areas

> Commercial-grade periodic electrified water fumigation integrated into cleaning regime

> Upgraded cleaning frequency and thoroughness with 4x cleanings of entry points

> Self-cleaning kits to sterilize workstations and meeting rooms

> Upgrade food and beverage offerings with safer and cleaner distribution

We couldn’t be more excited to join the already vibrant ecosystem of Boulder. We are pushing our brand and product to appropriately reflect their sustainable and progressive ideals. Please feel free to stop by Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm for a tour by one of our community team members.