An aesthetic, amenity-rich workplace shouldn’t be exclusive to the new Google campus. In fact, the crown jewel of workplaces can be replicated on a smaller, local scale to provide similar benefits to entrepreneurs, small teams, and startups. It’s called Kiln. 

At Kiln, we’re designing the workplace of the future. We bring “big company” perks to early-stage teams, because you should never forgo comfort, work-life balance, and the chance to develop your brand, even in your earliest stages as a company. Our creative team designs features that optimize performance, productivity, and wellness. 

The Kiln team looks towards recent workplace data to make design-based decisions. The 2021 Steelcase Global Report: Changing Expectation and the Future of Work provides an interesting case study.

First, their team collected data on the top five reasons that employees in the United States want to return to the workplace. Here’s what American workers ranked: 

  1. Reconnect with colleagues 
  2. Reconnect to the organization and shared purpose
  3. Work in a quiet, professional environment
  4. Collaborate in person
  5. Access to paper and files

In fact, nine of the 10 countries surveyed ranked “work in a quiet, professional environment” in their top five reasons for wanting to return to the workplace. This trend is revealing – more than ever before, employees and leaders alike are more aware and in-touch with “their physical, cognitive, and emotional needs for comfort and wellbeing.” Ergonomic discomfort made it difficult to get work done at home. Many consciously created a more relaxing space (the infamous home office) to fit their preferences. Now, individuals expect organizations to do the same for them as they return to the workplace. 

Steelcase also reports that moving forward, “people will want the same level of control over their work lives that they have at home.” Having access to a range of spaces at home (like a couch, desk, table, and the outdoors) means that diverse alternatives to traditional cubicle desks will be valued in the office as well. 

Kiln is meeting changing expectations regarding comfort and control. Just as Steelcase suggests, our workspaces are multi-use, multimodal, and movable. We’ve introduced standing desks, biking desks, and walking desks. Each of our private, flex-offices is semi-customizable; teams can arrange desks and furniture to create a custom HQ feel. Finally, Kiln locations feature common spaces including fireplace lounges, atriums, theatres, in-house cafes, gym facilities, and shared kitchens. We’re dog friendly, too. 

Kiln is designed to make the transition between work and life seamless. Most importantly, all of the small perks, creature comforts, and new habits that we discovered working from home should inform the workplace of the future. Do your best work in a place you love. 

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