To commemorate October, Women in Small Business month, our team linked arms with the Women in Business Center of Utah to host an experienced panel of women across Utah and Colorado. 

Our panel was full-stacked with Linda Klug, Founder & CEO of Airin, Krista Morgan, General Partner of Stage, Rose Maizner, Co-Founder of Womenpreneurs, and Kristy Muir, Sr. Director, Head of Strategy & Operations Bridge at Instructure. Each of these women have extensive backgrounds in the venture and startup community and gave incredible insight to what it takes to find your place in the entrepreneurial world. 

You can still watch their discussion here. 

In this event, we talked through different questions like: What resources and networks did you leverage to successfully start and grow your business? How did you find and recognize champions that would help you develop your career? How do small business owners approach or break through your network? What steps should I take to build my small business? And what has been your biggest failure in growing your business and what did you do to pivot? 

Linda, Krista, Kristy, and Rose shared personal experiences on how they made relationships, went out of their comfort zones, and found mentors and advisors to champion them to success. You won't want to miss out on their advice.

If you have questions for any of the women, reach out to them on LinkedIn or Twitter or find them at their organizations.