Kiln is all about balance. It’s our mission to introduce wellness in the workplace because we believe that the two should go hand-in-hand. That’s why each of our Kiln communities hosts mindfulness classes, is flooded with natural light and greenery, offers nutritious snacks in our cafes, and has dedicated rooms with massage chairs for quiet meditation. 

Still, it’s challenging to find consistent balance between your professional and personal worlds. In fact, you can cycle around a good equilibrium, but perfect balance is not something you achieve once, forever. 

Here’s how the Kiln experience helps individuals and teams strike a better balance: 

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Making Work-Life Balance Attainable: 

Today’s work culture expects everyone to be online and accessible all of the time. Microsoft published its 2021 Work Trend Index: Annual Report, reporting an increase in expected availability of workers, as evidenced by low response times, increased virtual chatting and emailing between employees, more time spent in meetings, and more shared document working. Microsoft also describes the toll of ad hoc scheduling, and the skyrocketing and unsustainable levels of digital engagement that most employees have adopted. 

Now, more than ever, it’s important to set times to disconnect and disengage from your work. When you focus on other pursuits, like self-care, your working productivity will only benefit. Kiln locations have quiet spaces designed to help you reconnect with yourself; wellness rooms have low-lighting and massage chairs. We program regular yoga classes, sound-healing sessions, and outdoor movement sessions. See our list of upcoming events here

Every Kiln membership comes with perks outside of the workplace, too. Discounts to local restaurants, gyms, massage studios, and hotels make hosting clients and potential hires, as well as supporting your own travel between home and Kiln (and between Kiln locations) easy. 

Fostering Balance between Work and Fun: 

To boost your engagement with work, we recommend you (re)commit to spontaneity. That’s why all of our workplace locations are situated in bustling metropolitan areas, where recreational activities, restaurants, and live music venues are just moments away from Kiln. At Kiln Boulder and Kiln Park City, members meet up to ski and bike. At Kiln Lehi and Kiln Salt Lake City, hiking groups make the most of the beautiful trails nearby. 

Get out of your comfort zone by attending Kiln events and programming, which range from our Startup Series, to happy hours, to 3D printing workshops. Learning a new skill and meeting like-minded professionals helps us to feel connected to a community and foster a sense of belonging. 

Optimizing the Balance between Teamwork and Solo Progress: 

Kiln caters towards entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, and small teams. When you’re building anything great, but especially when you’re doing it alone, it is easy to become siloed. Other times, when you’re leading a team, it becomes difficult to carve out time for individual reflection amidst the demands of leadership. Kiln can help you find balance between individual and team contributions. 

If you’re a leader, we suggest defining times, spaces, and methods for team collaboration. Maybe you book a Kiln conference room each Monday morning to sync, or build company culture at Kiln Apres Work events. 

If you’re accustomed to working on your own, maybe you use a Kiln recording studio to start a podcast and share your wisdom with the broader entrepreneurial community. Or, you could spend Wednesdays working from the cafe area to maximize your interactions with new people. 

At Kiln, our community teams are here to help you strike a healthier balance between professional and personal pursuits. 

See it to believe it…book a tour at any of our Kiln locations here!