In a recent Gallup World Poll, 85% of people reported that they’re miserable at work. The number only slightly improves in America, where 30% of employees enjoy their time in office. On a global scale, these numbers can account for the decade’s worth of decreased global GDP per capita and workplace.

But more importantly, on a personal level, these numbers mean that (at most) three out of ten of your employees are actually engaged while they’re in the office. What are employers doing wrong and how can you make every employee more engaged at work? Let’s discuss.

Empower Them

Stop micromanaging your employees. When you overpower them, you cut off their ability to step-up. The only way you’ll discover your employee’s potential is by building their confidence. Trust them by giving them space to grow. Be confident in their abilities and inspire them to believe in themselves by letting them take control of their workspace. Kiln provides empowerment opportunities for your employees by providing them with a unique personal space that inspires connectivity, growth, and success.

Offer Amenities

One of the ways employers are driving productivity is providing amenities to their employees. Step up to the plate with Kiln. Our experts found that all of the amenities offered in a Kiln membership is worth (at a minimum) $5-10 per day per employee, plus $3-5 per day in food & beverage.

At our Salt Lake City location, Kiln members have access to our wellness area, as well as, full membership to The Sanctuary Gym next door (towel service, steam room, etc.). Most startups and small businesses don’t have the means or time to offer amenities like these to their employees. With Kiln, you can get it all at an even more cost-effective price.

Let us focus on making sure your employees have a great experience at work and get the wellness benefits they need to perform at their optimal level.

Be Flexible

According to an annual public survey compiled by FlexJobs in 2017, the top factor 72% of professionals use to determine which job to choose is whether the prospective employer can help them achieve the ever-desirable work/life balance. Another major factor was the ability to have a flexible schedule.

Luckily, coworking spaces offer the perfect balance for your employees. Kiln offers schedule flexibility with long-hour accessibility so your employees can choose when they work. This makes it easy for employees to take necessary breaks and to work when they want. It’s the perfect option for employers looking to boost engagement.

Share Successes

It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of meetings and emails. But, taking the time to celebrate employee milestones can do wonders for employee engagement. Patting employees on the back is the best way to keep them motivated and boost company morale.

If you’re quick to recognize your employee’s hard work, that appreciation won’t go unnoticed. Plus, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to unify your team by clearly defining your mission as a company. Kiln helps employers all over Utah do this through membership programs, events, and member success emails.

Provide Collaboration Opportunities

Another problem facing employers is mundanity. One way you can combat this is by joining a coworking space. Traditional office settings are full of the same faces with the same ideas day-in and day-out. Unlike conventional offices, coworking space members are continually revolving giving your employees endless opportunities to meet new people. Kiln also helps you collaborate with people from your industry that have different insights, as well as, professionals outside your industry who can help shape new perspectives.

Become a Kiln Partner

Kiln is a coworking community meticulously designed to help individuals and teams elevate their craft. By combining years of industry experience and best practices from all over the world, Kiln creates the optimal environment to help your business grow. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how Kiln can engage and delight your employees.