When you decide to set-up-shop at a coworking space, you’re making an investment. While it’s true that coworking spaces offer benefits like lower overhead and more flexibility than corporate leases, you still want to set yourself up for all-around success. Here are a few tips to help you thrive in a coworking community. 

Find the Right Fit: 

There’s a recipe for successful coworking, and we’re perfecting it at Kiln. It’s worth exploring your options and getting a sense of each company’s unique feel. For example, Kiln is setting itself apart from the coworking norm with enterprise-level amenities, wellness initiatives, and events designed for entrepreneurs. Each of our locations throughout Utah, Colorado, and Idaho includes a floorplan where 20% of the space is open layout (collaborative desks and communal areas) and 80% is private, leased offices for teams of 2 to 50 people. We’re creating workplaces of the future, and many of the teams that thrive at Kiln believe in celebrating collective success. If you’re wondering if Kiln is the right fit for you or your team, book a tour

Invest in Community: 

When you join Kiln, you’re really joining a network of like-minded professionals spanning dozens of industries. Each of our locations in Salt Lake City, Park City, Lehi, Boulder, and Boise has a Kiln Community Team focused on fostering local community. Try yoga, cocktail club, Après Work Happy Hours, Speaker Series, 3D printing workshops, trivia nights, and Waffle Wednesdays. Each location also leverages an online community where members share their wins, ask for advice, post job openings, and even share pictures of their pups at Kiln! 

Working at a startup, for a small team, or on your own doesn’t have to be isolating. We’re lucky enough to see new friendships flourish at Kiln everyday. If you’re looking for a feel-good moment, check this video out! 

Create a Routine: 

We’re slowly extrapolating information about the impact of Covid-19 and remote working on mental health. The general trend shows that while productivity levels are high, if not higher than pre-pandemic, the workforce is more tired than they’ve ever been. What was casually coined as “Zoom fatigue” describes a more general exhaustion caused by a rise in digitally intensive work. Response times for emails and virtual chatting have gone down, more time is spent in meetings, and more work is happening on shared documents. 

The only remedy for the skyrocketing digital engagement is a routine that prioritizes wellness. In order to thrive at a coworking space, commit to unplugging while at home. Don’t be afraid to draw clearer boundaries, take time for yourself, and use Kiln to your full advantage. Take a walk or join an on-site yoga class. Try out our massage chairs, walking desks, and in-house cafe. 

Get to Know the Community Managers: 

When it comes to making the most of your membership, the Kiln Team is in your corner. They have such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building culture, making professional connections, hosting events, and optimizing comfort and productivity. 

Experiment with Different Work Spots: 

When we had to work from home, it was nice to move between the couch, desk, table, and outdoors while working. We shouldn’t lose all of the small perks, creature comforts, and new habits that we discovered when we went virtual. That’s why Kiln spaces are multi-use and multimodal. We even allow dogs! 

Experiment with moving between our conference rooms, shared desks, cafe-seating, private phone booths, and atrium. That way, you’ll know what works best for you. Some people work better with or without ambient noise. There are times when you’ll prefer company and other times when you’ll need quiet. Striking the right balance when it comes to workplace environment is crucial. Learn more about how we design Kiln workspaces here

Collaborate and Network:  

When you collaborate with colleagues in a traditional office, you’re generally brainstorming amongst people with similar educational backgrounds and skill sets, and who are privy to the same information as you. Coworking challenges this status quo. Kiln brings together people with diverse backgrounds and common goals. Sometimes, exposure to new industries, people, and workflows will prompt your next big idea or light a fire for your business. 

When it comes to networking, the same premise applies. You never know who will be your next boss, next hire, next co-founder, or next investor.