Intellectual Strategies is launching a new online 30-day challenge for inventors and innovators to get “patent pending” using their DIY approach and materials.


Here’s the skinny for the inventors and innovators:


What is an "ICON"? An "ICON" is anyone who adopts the Intellectual Strategies philosophy to "Innovate with Confidence." The ICON-30™ Challenge provides expert guidance in a fun environment to help you achieve “patent pending” status in 30 days or less with your own DIY provisional patent application.


When does this challenge start? Officially, the challenge starts July 1, but you can get early access to materials as soon as you sign up.


How much does it cost? As an ICON, you choose your level of participation. Join us for FREE, or at a paid level for additional perks. Every level grants you immediate access to one of our online workshops.


What else do I get as an ICON? All challenge participants, at every level, get invited to exclusive weekly coaching forum with Jeff Holman—an entrepreneurial MBA and experienced patent and startup attorney with extensive involvement helping many innovators build valuable businesses and IP portfolios. Higher levels of participation include additional perks, like pre-filing review of your application or filing documents.

You can see more information about each level of the challenge on our website:

Contact Information

Jeff Holman

[email protected] | 801-746-5560 | LinkedIn