Zoom fatigue is real. While many of us are interested in getting back into the office once it's safe to do so, rushing that process will definitely make or break it for some of us. 

In a recent study of Americans commissioned by OfficeSpace Software, 71% of Americans said they’re eager to get back to the office once it's safe to do so. Here’s the catch: a startling 54% of those polled said they “would consider leaving their job if their employer required them to return before they felt comfortable.” 

The stakes are high. This is too important to get wrong. At Kiln, we’re leading the shared-workspace industry by implementing a whole host of safety-oriented precautions, procedures, and technologies. We’re incorporating safety from start to finish: from architectural adaptations to wellness initiatives to education measures. 

We’re focusing on two categories of safety measures. Here’s how we’re doing it: 

Screening for Covid-19

Triaging Kiln members when they enter the workspace is an important part of keeping Covid-19 out. We’ve installed infrared temperature checks at entry points. These no-contact HIPAA-secure thermal scanners read each entrant’s temperature and disallow entry for those with elevated temperatures. 

Temperature checks only solve part of the problem -- often people with Covid-19 are asymptomatic and don’t know they are infected. Other times, people can be contagious without having elevated temperatures. 

Preventing Potential Spread of Covid-19 

Spacing Kiln Members

Small companies with fewer employees and a lot of floor space may find it easy to space desks six feet apart. But larger businesses are now using coworking offices like Kiln to expand their flexibility and office space. At Kiln, we’re spacing members between desk spaces, meeting rooms, and wellness areas to ensure social distancing.

Wayfinding and Human Circulation 

At all Kiln locations, we’ve set up a wayfinding system for walkways and communal areas to ensure proper social distancing. We’re also using a Kiln Key system that enables Kiln members to enter and exit the space without touching common surfaces. 

Air Circulation 

Hospital grade proactive purifier (HVAC) systems use oxidizers to kill viruses in the air and on surfaces.

Sanitization and Sterilization 

For desk spaces, Kiln is providing clean mats that live on top of common surfaces. We’ve got self-cleaning and sanitization kits to sterilize your workstation or meeting room to your liking. And we’ve upped our cleaning regime and multiplied it 4x. 

The phone booths and wellness rooms are sanitized using micro-ioners and UVC technology, respectively. Finally, at Kiln Boulder, we’ve integrated periodic electrified water fumigation systems in our cleaning regime. We’re also packaging food and beverage in ways that eliminate contact between people and minimize the spread of germs.

Mask Mandate

Kiln members must wear masks in all communal areas -- the kitchen, while walking to and from your office space, restrooms, lobbies, and other common areas. 

Limiting Capacity

To date, Kiln hasn’t had to limit capacity in order to comply with safety standards. But, we’ve certainly opted for virtual events when possible, in lieu of in-person gatherings. We’ve also modified some of our favorite Kiln traditions, like Waffle Wednesday and Aprés Work to fit a "grab-n-go" style with safety in mind. Check out our upcoming events here

We’re excited to jump back in, but until Covid-19 is in control, our every move is dictated by safety. The health of our Kiln community is our top priority.