By the time food reaches your fridge, it’s lived a life of its own. More often than not, it’s traveled quite a ways to end up on your lunch plate. Plenty of people have made the case for local food production; for many of us, this means an outing to the farmers market on a summer day or a rare trip to the co-op. 

Because large farms are situated far away from where people live (especially if we’re talking about Park City, Salt Lake, Boulder, and Lehi), we have an unrealistically favorable conception of big-scale agriculture. It’s out of sight, out of mind. 

But one Boulder-based company is making local products and zero waste food delivery accessible to locals. It’s called Nude Foods Market, and its founder, Verity Noble, is working out of Kiln Boulder. 

She says, “Our intention is to tread as lightly as humanly possible on this earth. We think through the impact of every product from the seed to when it reaches your doorstep. As we grow, we will be able to push for more change from more of our suppliers. We aim to help create a food system that improves the health of our lands, our communities, and ourselves.”

Here’s how Nude Foods Market works: you shop online (choosing from subscription options or any single products), determine the frequency of your order, and decide whether you’d like it delivered to you on bike or if you’d rather pick it up yourself. Boxes, containers, and jars that are used in the process are cleaned and reused by Nude Foods Market for subsequent deliveries. 

A quick glance at this map will help you determine whether a bike delivery works for you:

Nude Foods Market is offering a huge variety of products from rescued “ugly” produce boxes to organic dried pineapple slices to lemony lentil soup to day-old challah. Check out the whole product list here

Verity, a Brit who has lived in Boulder for the last 8 years, has founded several companies and helped out dozens. She initially moved here when she got a job offer as the VP of Operations for a local accelerator called The Unreasonable Institute. But, her obsession with zero-waste long preceded her time in Boulder. Now, even her 5 and 7-year-old daughters are well-trained low-waste advocates, and the eldest is presenting to local delegates about plastic pollution in Colorado. Verity and her husband both work out of the Kiln space (albeit on separate ventures) and spend their outdoor time mountain biking and skiing! 

Verity is just part of the Nude Foods Team. She is one of four founders that work with another ten or so part-time employees. They’re always looking for Wednesday-afternoon delivery bikers to volunteer.

Last but not least, Nude Foods Market is offering a $20 discount for Kiln Members through the month of February!