Kiln SLC opened this last Wednesday, October 31 at The Gateway, owned by Arizona-based Vestar planning on revitalizing the center. Vestar is currently undergoing a $100 million plan to renovate and upgrade the 1.4 million square foot property.

Vestar envisions The Gateway being a mixed-use facility. When Vestar took over The Gateway two years ago, they began working to change the property from solely retail and entertainment to a center with a huge business and commercial element. Their preliminary plan is two-thirds of the property dedicated to the arts, entertainment, and retail, with the remaining one-third for business tenants.

Key to Vestar’s strategy to accomplish this goal includes Kiln’s opening this month. “We realize we have a very unique opportunity here because of the growing demand in the tech sector. We can repurpose some of the large blocks of space we have that have unique architectural features that can be adapted for tech companies or large office users”, says Jenny Cushing, Vestar’s Vice President of leasing. Kiln is a major tenant helping push this tech and business initiative.

Accompanying Kiln in this business push are Recursion, Cicero Group, and Fidelity Investments, who also now occupy space at The Gateway. Vestar is hoping to appeal to the millennial workforce by supplementing this area through the state’s first food hall and great entertainment. The Gateway hosts over 160 events a year, which they hope will attract increased customers.

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