Kiln is more than a place to work. Kiln is a community that celebrates its perfectly unique members and their collective success. We are home to a variety of leaders in all industries ranging from education to real estate to aerospace. In the spirit of showcasing their multifaceted interests and personalities, we encourage you to check out some of our most recent member spotlights. 


Josh Hanes and Jeffrey Johnson are true forward-thinkers, at work and beyond. Their venture, Uplift Aerospace, is creating the first commerce marketplace in space. Additionally, through partnerships with Blue Origin, they’ve granted artists access to advanced space technology. In August, 2021, Uplift launched their ‘Suborbital Triptych’ series, the first of which was painted by renowned Ghanaian artist, Amoaka Boafo, on a spacecraft. Read more here. Jeffrey says, “The community aspect at Kiln allows us to really capitalize on our passions, our interests, and on the things that we really do care about. It’s only about the work side of things, which we are incredibly passionate about, but also about having time to go out outdoors for climbing, canyoneering, and recharging our batteries so that we are able to have work-life balance.” 

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For Lizzy Bullock, Director of Marketing for Team Nation Sports, her work hat is only one of many that she wears on a daily basis. She says, “For me it's absolutely critical that I can fuse my work with my passions, and I love that at Kiln, I can do that.” For Lizzy, who lives a life of planned spontaneity, Kiln is conducive to her roles as an equestrian, dancer, photographer, indie filmmaker, skier, and humanitarian. Kiln is better for her unique outlook on life and infectious passion.

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When Cynthia Wong, a former university professor turned founder, first started Thought Gym, she was faced with a few nagging questions. Where should her startup “be born”? Where should Thought Gym have its launchpad? While Cynthia initially believed that Kiln was a place for big companies, not for solo founders, she says, “when I found Kiln, I not only found a community, but a home. I’m proud to bring people to Kiln.” But she didn’t stop there. Cynthia pays it forward, with Thought Gym events specifically for Kiln members. She’s become instrumental in cultivating the Kiln community.

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Skyler Hair and Mike Rowland founded their startup, Droplet, out of a garage. Droplet creates digitized forms and smart automations that eliminate manual data entry and user error for teams. They’re trusted by school districts across Utah and the country. Pretty quickly, they wanted a dedicated workspace separate from the house. For Skyler and Mike, Kiln was an obvious choice. They say, “It started just the two of us, and then we needed the space for two more, and then four more, and then five more, and Kiln has been able to handle that growth.” At Kiln, you might find Skyler and Mike gaming, where they carve out “sacred” time and even get paid to play competitively.

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Ryan Baylis believes that where you work matters. That’s why he first chose Kiln – so that he could ride his bike or take public transportation to his office. He says, “Kiln always puts their locations in spots that are super accessible to get outside to mountain bike, road bike, or even go snowboarding in the morning and come in to work after that.” For Ryan and his company, Drift, a scent based home goods brand, flexibility in an office is just as important as the space. Most importantly, Ryan is fully aware of the irony in starting a car air freshener business, while not owning a car himself!

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Kiln is a center of gravity for like-minded professionals who believe that work-life balance is attainable. Kiln is a one-stop shop for all things workplace so that Josh, Jeffrey, Lizzy, Cynthia, Skyler, Mike, and Ryan can spend time on what matters most.