Utah Business is a leading Utah-based business magazine. They set out to inform the community about time-tested business practices as well as uncharted paths that are now being opened. One of their many resources to the Utah community includes their yearly honoree lists: ‘CEO of the Year’ and ‘40 and 40’. Kiln members have landed positions on both of these lists this year.

2019 CEO of the Year

The 2019 CEO of the Year award this year embodies the mindset we hope business leaders keep when bringing their business to Kiln. Honored CEOs are those who support their employees, give back to the community, inspire others, and bring teams together. As said by Utah Business, “The 2019 CEO of the Year honorees not only put their companies first, but their people first.”

This year’s 2019 CEO of the Year list includes Kiln member Sean Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of Chip Cookies, who has definitely thrown our chances of a summer ready body out the door. He and his wife caught onto the late night food delivery industry that was quickly gaining momentum. They believed they could disrupt the industry in Utah by launching an app to deliver late night cookies. Since opening just two years ago, Chip Cookies has expanded to 8 locations and over 100 employees. They are now a leader in the industry as the first to offer late night deliveries with real time app tracking.

40 Under 40

Utah Business’ 40 Under 40 Honorees are recognized for innovating the future of the business landscape, while inspiring other entrepreneurs through the communities they continue to build. As Kiln hopes to help grow the business community in Utah, Kiln is honored to have a member placed in this group.

Philip Niu, CEO and Co-Founder of Parachut, is fighting to lead the future in responsible consumerism through the Access Economy. Philip and his wife, Melissa Niu, have created an Access Economy platform, where consumers can get and experience what they want, when they want it. There is a bright future for Philip, Melissa, and their team.

Sean Wilson and Philip Niu each embody innovation and community, two values we focus on at Kiln. We congratulate them both in their efforts to innovate and disrupt the tech ecosystem in Utah. Although Sean and Philip’s companies are vastly different, they both have found a home at Kiln.

Kiln is on a mission to help companies accelerate their growth, so when we see a member get recognized we celebrate! We know that as startups continue to join and grow within the Kiln community, these types of recognitions will become even more commonplace.

Complete honoree lists can be found at Utah Business's 40 under 40 and CEO of the Year articles.