We’re thrilled to announce the collaboration of Kiln and Voro Cafe.

Voro Cafe, a concept led by Chef Partner Marco Niccoli, delivers a world-class food experience in the format of an approachable, cafe environment. Every part of the cafe experience is meticulously created. The cafe name ‘Voro’ was designed to be “an outward expression of how we want people to accept our food.” In Latin, ‘Voro' means “to devour” and that’s exactly what the Voro team wants from those who come to the cafe. “We want to create food and an experience that people dream about.”

The thoughtfully curated menu reflects elements of Italian and Brazilian cuisine to bring a food experience that will wow anyone.

While the menu has been intentionally designed to be both healthy and delicious, Voro Café places a special emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. “Everything has thought put into it. Everything is made by hand either in store, or by a local craftsman.” In addition to the drool worthy food offerings, Voro will also offer coffee, loose-leaf tea, and raw-pressed juice, to provide members a complete food experience.

Voro Cafe will offer Kiln members a food experience unlike any other. The cafes will open in Salt Lake City in October, and in Lehi in November.

About the Chef

As the son of a chef, Marco Niccoli always knew that food was his passion, which has driven him to become one of the most successful chefs in Utah. From cooking for celebrities such as Oprah, Candice Swanepoel, and Jennifer Aniston, to professional athletes like Steph Curry and Connor Coffin, Marco has proven that his skills in the kitchen are second to none.

Speaking of the cafe, Marco said, “My passion for food really came from my home, cooking for my family, with my kids, with my wife, watching my father & mother cook… now this is the first time I’ve ever opened a restaurant that is a public place for people to eat my food. It’s a big step for me.”