Kiln is thrilled to officially announce our partnership with The Swell Pod! 

There’s a new podcast in town searching for answers to big questions. The Swell Pod is on an experimental journey – one that takes listeners through an exploration of cultural change, the ways in which it evolves, and the role we each play in creating movements. 

What does it take to create something that never existed before? What does it take for an idea to swell into a movement?

In their first season, hosts Spencer McKeown and Josh Taylor are seeking answers to these questions through the stories of twelve thought-leaders, world builders, change makers, and other pleasantly rebellious humans. And what they learn is rather unexpected. 

They write, “one dark and stormy night, two kindred spirits, a dreamer and an innovator, dizzy from the meaningless jargon, never-ending PowerPoint presentations, and enough acronyms to demand entire encyclopedias, emerged from the fires of fortune 100 companies. These two change agents, armed with their curiosity, a bit of pleasant rebelliousness, and their toothbrushes, set out to change the world.”

Though Spencer and Josh are flying off the cuff (and releasing content that is unscripted and largely uncut), the results spark personal reframing and reevaluation for listeners. What is your purpose? How do you see yourself within a larger story? 

You’ll definitely want to check out episodes with Steve Clayton (Microsoft’s chief storyteller), Brendan Dawes (a UK-based data artist exploring the aesthetics of code), and Em Capito (psychotherapist specializing in tangible resilience strategies). Even more exciting is an episode that takes listeners into Kiln (literally…) to hear stories from startups and founders working in our space. 

Since launching last month, The Swell Pod has had thousands of downloads. Episodes are regularly released for streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube, and other platforms. 

There are big things on the horizon for The Swell Pod, and Kiln couldn’t be more excited to partner with Spencer and Josh on this journey.