Kiln is thrilled to announce a new partnership with V School, an online web development and UX/UI design program that helps its students land their dream tech jobs. This partnership came to fruition thanks to our shared interests in tech, education, career development, and community. 

Kiln is awarding one full-ride, $21,000 scholarship to V School, and supporting another 1M in partial scholarship opportunities. The purpose of these scholarships are to help techies and people with non-technical backgrounds alike gain all of the skills needed to land an industry job. The curriculum guides students through all phases of learning, including building a portfolio and preparing for interviews. Graduates of the V School work at companies ranging from Apple to IBM to Divvy. 

Want to master FullStack JavaScript Web Development? Hoping to gain insight on digital user experience and design? Whether you’re looking to launch a career in tech, or gain a leg up at your current job with new skills, this is a unique opportunity. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis from now until June 1st, 2022. Interested applicants can find more information here

The partnership also grants Kiln members free access to the V School’s Intro to Tech coursework, which features 40 hours of coding, UX/UI design, and web development training. Asynchronous curriculum content is supplemented with live workshops. Kiln members can also opt-in to a private slack workspace where they can meet other learners and gain access to mentors and instructors. Register here.

As our partnership progresses, Kiln and the V School will be hosting joint “Lunch and Learn” events at each of our coworking and flex-office communities throughout Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. 

Keep an eye out for exciting upcoming events here.