We believe that you’ll do your best work in an environment you love. The mastermind behind Kiln’s design is Creative Director and Co-Founder, Leigh Radford, who has decades of experience in furniture and interior design. He has raised the bar for the flex-office industry with his bespoke designs, and he infuses his creative ingenuity into every aspect of the Kiln experience. 

[Watch] Kiln's Design Method - Part 1: Bespoke Experiences

“My hope with Kiln is that when people come into the space, that they appreciate the environment and it gives them an opportunity to do their best work.”

The benefits of a beautiful, thoughtful workplace reach beyond your team’s comfort and productivity. In fact, when you can show off your workplace, you’ll leverage Kiln as a hiring tool. When Kiln’s design becomes the outward expression of your business or brand, you’ll be putting your best foot forward. 

[Watch] Kiln's Design Method - Part 2: Stimulating Collaboration

“When I’m designing a Kiln space, my first thought is how to really build on collaboration between the people using the space.”

Kiln thrives on collaboration. For freelancers, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, contractors, or remote employees, it’s easy to feel lonely in your work. For larger, corporate teams, it’s easy to become siloed within your industry. Meaningful collaboration can be achieved by simply putting like-minded professionals in the same building, but is optimized by Kiln’s design methodology. Our common spaces, multimodular desks, and colorful interiors foster a sense of belonging. Kiln communities celebrate collective success. 

Kiln creates a whole world within your office space. Book a tour at our locations in Salt Lake City, Park City, Lehi, Boulder, or Boise today!