Photo: Mainframe

LEHI - Utah-based blockchain company, Mainframe, donates $2M to nonprofits who fight digital snooping.

Mainframe donations were made through their philanthropic venture, Proof of Heart. Through Proof of Heart, Mainframe has create the opportunity for others to donate to nonprofits that coincide with their own organization’s goals.

Trevor Timm, the executive director of Freedom of the Press, who received $550,000 worth of Ethereum tokens in the donation, says, “This donation will be critical to our work in building technology that helps journalists and whistleblowers communicate securely.”

Mainframe was started by Mick Hagen in London, but recently moved the company to Lehi. Each organization that recieved part of the donation was chosen because of their commitment to fight for secure and open communication channels and exchanges. Mainframe continues to support these ventures in their nonprofit organization and through the breakthroughs they are making with blockchain technology.

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