"My dad, Bob Baker, has been an entrepreneur his whole life. Growing up, he owned a nut processing and brokering facility in California. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and in 2018, he and I started talking about doing something together.

The original idea of Eatables was to sell nuts and dried fruits in bulk boxes, directly to households. We quickly realized how expensive it was to acquire new customers (social ad spend) and decided to try a new angle. When we first launched Eatables in April 2019, I visited the offices of friends - trying to sell nut dried fruit snacks for their break rooms. A few companies took us up on the offer and we realized that Eatables had a new direction.

Since inception, we have been changing and adjusting our product offering constantly. The benefit of being a startup is that we can create ideas and make changes on the spot. Eatables began selling individual office snacks, developed a subscription model, and (after a lot of iterations and more to come) have now become an office snack subscription box company. We still specialize in dried fruits and nuts, but our model is completely different.

Growth has come at a cost - hard work. Late nights packaging orders. Early mornings delivering by hand. And countless ‘favors’ from friends and family. We’re growing, because we keep going.

A lot of startups and entrepreneurs talk about ‘the grind’. They talk about 16 hour work days and never sleeping, seeing their families, or doing anything for themselves.

My experience has been different. I’ve learned that you can create and grow a company, while still having balance in life. It’s still a grind and it’s not easy, but a 16 hour work day is not effective. The first few months of Eatables were chaotic. We had a few big sales, but no real operation. For a few weeks I remember working until 1am every night and getting up early to do it again. What I found, however, is that although I was working, I wasn’t being effective or efficient. I was spending time packaging orders, but that was the worst use of my time.

So I guess the biggest lesson I’ve learned, is to do a few things really well. Both as a business and as an individual. Be really amazing and efficient at a few things. Be the expert. But you can’t be the expert of everything.

So if you’re doing 16 hour work days - ask yourself if ALL 16 hours are effective.

Eatables is the expert on better-for-you office snack boxes.

We’ve found great success in our Utah clients and have already expanded to Arizona, Colorado, California, and Washington. Eatables hopes to have better-for-you snacks within arms reach of every employee.

The grind is real, but there’s nothing more rewarding."

Like our community, Morley knows the startup grind. We love working with him and enjoying Eatables' healthy office snacks. To learn more, check them out at eatables.co