For Go1, a Brisbane-based company that boasts the title of the world’s largest digital learning library, Kiln and growth go hand in hand. The Go1 team first set up shop in Kiln in 2018 as they were making the move from the Bay Area to Silicon Slopes. Since then, Go1 has secured several rounds of venture funding, more than doubled the size of their team in the Kiln space, and made Salt Lake the North American hub of their now global operations. 

Go1 is a digital eLearning collection called Content Hub that focuses on content aggregation from 150+ top publishers – providing courses on everything from professional development, wellbeing, and technology, to compliance courses for employees at any level. Companies of all sizes use Go1 as a hiring, training, and development resource for their staff, delivering a learning experience that is engaging, effective, and relevant. 

For Chase Adams, Head of Sales and New Business, Kiln has been a constant launchpad for growth. As one of the earliest hires at Go1, Chase became enamored with the vision the founders had for the company. He’s put his all into finding product market fit, opening the sales market in North America, and leading a team of sales experts out of Salt Lake. 

When Go1 first received funding from Microsoft’s venture capital arm, M12, the company needed to scale fast. It was like pouring gas on a small fire; when faced with 90 days to hire 30 people, Salt Lake felt like a no-brainer choice. A Utah-native, Chase himself was a testament to Salt Lake’s talent and tech hub. Over the years, it made sense to grow roots in Salt Lake and decrease Go1’s investment on the West Coast. The “sweet mix” of quality of life, outdoor perks, work-life balance, and access to an international airport are unbeatable. An avid snowboarder, hiker, and live-music enthusiast himself, Chase feels at home once again. 

Since Go1 first made Kiln their home in 2018, they’ve moved through four different flex-office spaces within the building. As they grow, Kiln has grown with them. All the while, the Go1 team has had access to enterprise-level amenities and perks. Chase relayed that he gets the most positive feedback from his team about Kiln Happy Hours, gym memberships, and free parking. He makes sure to leverage Kiln as a hiring tool, too. Chase brings all of his interviews on site, and “watches as their eyes light up as they walk into the Kiln space.” 

Most recently, Go1 hosted their global sales kickoff event at Kiln. They used the theatre space to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person participation. 

Now, Go1 has relationships with clients including TikTok, Delta, and Microsoft. In a way, they’ve branded themselves as the “Spotify of eLearning” because for a small subscription fee, they provide access to catalogs of pre-curated learning playlists. Corporate management and enterprise training teams use Go1 everyday to make sure their teams learn from individualized content. Chase argues that, “the more bespoke the learning experience, the bigger impact it has on your development, ​yet doing so at scale is a complex and costly challenge for today's enterprise. Because every company's learning culture and needs are slightly different, the depth and diversity of courses Go1 offers is key to learning adoption. Providing the most option-rich toolkit on the market empowers companies to curate learning experiences that resonate with the diversity they see in their roles, teams and learners - and overcome tomorrow's skill gaps, today.” There are so many use cases for Go1 because every company’s learning culture is slightly different. 

Over the next few months, Go1 will be expanding within Kiln once again, as they welcome additional sales people and engineers to their team. We can’t wait to meet them!