If you haven’t been thinking about life in space, it might be time to start. Josh Hanes, founder and CEO of Uplift Aerospace, believes that we’re living in a historic time period. Given the long history of the space program, it’s remarkable that this year, for the first time, we’re seeing extraordinary attempts to commercialize spaceflight and space tourism. 

Uplift Aerospace is an aerospace company revolutionizing technologies for a multiplanetary economy. To date, Uplift has focused on furthering creative experimentation in space, by granting artists access to advanced space technologies. In August, 2021, Uplift launched their ‘Suborbital Triptych’ series, the first of which was painted by renowned Ghanaian artist, Amoaka Boafo, on a Blue Origin spacecraft. The artwork was painted on the top of the crew capsule on the main chute covers, and was the first of many initiatives by the Uplift ‘Art x Space’ Program. To read more about Amoako Boafo or the Blue Origin launch, look here. You might remember seeing coverage of this event on Jeff Bezos’ personal social media! 

Over the next year, Uplift will establish the first multiplanetary marketplace. Quite literally, the marketplace will consist of a small vault of Earth’s most precious items that will live in low Earth orbit (the same area as where astronauts are located). Imagine commissioned art, works from master craftsmen, jewelry, and clothing. The idea behind this concept is something called the “overview effect.” The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness, which many astronauts can describe, where the experience of seeing Earth as a dot, hanging in the void of space, seems to erase conflicts on Earth. Overtaken with feelings of unity and awe, the differences between us seem to dissipate. As the number of people in space dramatically increases throughout the next 10 years, humans have a lot of decisions to make. There will be people in space in the next 10 years, and were wondering what that will look like. In order to shape how we engage with space, Uplift engages the most forward-looking, renowned creatives.

Uplift Aerospace and innovation are synonymous. None of these efforts would be possible without Josh Hanes, whose background in physics and trajectory models from low Earth orbit, positions his company to be a leading voice in human engagement with space. For Josh, space has been a lifelong passion. As a student at the University of Utah, he created Students for Space Entrepreneurship, an extracurricular club discussing the road to space. Out of college, he started an investment fund in Houston and traveled to Papua New Guinea to start an entrepreneurial school, two experiences that undoubtedly shape Uplift’s success today. 

Since Josh and his team moved into Kiln Park City, Uplift was acquired by a public company, NRP Stone Inc. Though the Uplift team is spread across the United States, with collaborators at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, University of Utah, and University of Central Florida, Kiln “makes a lot of sense.” It’s become a headquarters for the team – a centralized, really professional working space where Uplift can host clientele, future partners, and investors. 

The Kiln Park City community can definitely attest to the benefits of having Uplift around. Anytime there’s a launch, the team hosts a party for Kiln members, inviting them to watch and share in their success! We’re lucky to share in the success of Uplift’s self-proclaimed “in-house space nerds!”


Uplift Aerospace CEO Josh Hanes (Right) and art star Amoako Boafo (Left) next to the Blue Origin New Shepard booster after the successful flight of Uplift's historic Suborbital Triptych project that traveled to space and back on August 26, 2021. Photo credit: Shiva Lynn Burgos.