Over the last year, our curiosity and necessity for new technologies has grown immensely. This is true for video in particular; when you compare the volume of video-based communication being used five years ago to today, the differences are astronomical. One Kiln-based company, Voxpopme, believes that video should be the dominant medium for collecting and sharing feedback on brands, products, and experiences. Victoria Hedley, VP of Operations, is paving the way for Voxpopme with new offices at Kiln Park City. 

Voxpopme is the market leader in video for insight-purposes. Their solutions include video-based surveys for clients and companies wanting more qualitative data behind their numbers. After all, understanding the “why” behind data drives better decision making. 

The value of the video medium over memos, documents, and traditional customer feedback surveys is extreme. Video offers the opportunity to be more candid and share more information. In fact, the shift across all industries towards being more comfortable with video, and even regarding video as a core professional medium, has catapulted Voxpopme’s growth. 

Victoria’s background in public relations and communications encouraged her to start consulting for Voxpopme back in 2013, right as the business got its start. Since then, the original small team has grown to nearly seventy employees split between offices in Park City, Salt Lake City, London, and Birmingham. Originally from the UK, Victoria first visited Utah in 2016 to scale Voxpopme's US team – but Park City stuck, both professionally and personally. Park City is a springboard for growth for Voxpopme’s team, which is now 50/50 US and UK based. On a personal level, Victoria has watched Utah become a hub for entrepreneurship, experienced the hidden gem that is Park City, and helped create the atmosphere at Kiln. 

Since Kiln Park City opened its doors in summer 2021, Voxpopme has grown its membership from a 4-person office to a 24-person home base, with extra space for remote employees to drop-in. Victoria’s goal to maximize collaboration, creativity, and face-to-face time is all the more important post-Covid. 

Victoria believes that the biggest value of Kiln comes to those who are open to the process of osmosis. When you’re surrounded by, and can draw from, the environment at Kiln, the benefits exist not just in the official opportunities for connection, but in the unofficial conversations and run-ins. We couldn’t agree more!