When it comes to convenience, quality of life, and community, Park City takes the cake. Kiln’s mission to ease the transition between the workplace and the outdoors makes us a great fit in the Park City community. 

Locals are quick to recognize the changes to our community caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The housing market is booming. Folks from big cities realized that if they were going to work remotely, that they might as well do it from Park City. This is just one small part of a nationwide migration of tech-workers in search of better work-life balance to smaller towns. The downstream effects for Park City are a multi-faceted juggling act between economic resilience, an increase in public school enrollment, larger community developments, a toll on the outdoors, and an influx in professional talent.

One thing that held true for Park City’s long-standing locals and newbies alike, however, is that meeting people during Covid-19 was hard. At times, it was impossible. Professionally, many creatives felt stymied by their work-from-home environments. Closer access to the outdoors was compelling in theory, but for many, it came hand-in-hand with the isolation and monotony of working alone.

Enter Kiln – we’re in the business of providing a space to be creative and find human relationships. We set up our shop within a five minute drive from just about everything you’ll need or want. Kimball Junction is home to gyms, restaurants, shops, clinics, apartments, condos, walking and biking trails, and supermarkets. From Kimball, you stare right up at the ski mountains, which are just a few minutes away and accessible via public transportation. 

Investors are predicting a boom in shared coworking spaces and flex office spaces post-pandemic. It’s not hard to see why. Companies will forgo traditional headquarters and office spaces in favor of hybrid working models that combine in-person work and remote-work. Companies will seek flexible environments and collaborative spaces, now that they aren’t tied to expensive leases. 

Picture this: you bike from your house to Kiln. Upon arrival, you store your bike in our Mountaineering Club, shower, and get to work. Lunch is easy with our shared kitchen and snack counter. Next, you record your weekly podcast in our studio, or you invite a potential client to Kiln for a business meeting. After work, you stick around for a Kiln Happy Hour or regular speaker series. Before you bike home, you pick up a few groceries in Kimball Junction for dinner. 

Maybe your day involves a ski break. Maybe you need to get down to business in a quiet area where you can concentrate. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered at Kiln.