Today, Snapchat announced the rollout of a new feature that partners with Amazon to give users the ability to find and purchase items they see on Amazon. Called "Visual Search" the new feature will rival the abilities of Instagram, Pinterest, and the likes to enable product searching on the platform.

The product itself is super intuitive. Users simply open Snapchat and point the camera at a barcode or product that they are interested in. Similar to the Shazam and QR Reader integrations, the app quickly recognizes the product, searches on Amazon, and gives the user a quick look at the product in frame. From there, the user can quickly view the item in the Amazon app or website, and choose to purchase or not. 

Regarding the announcement, the Snap Team said, "Snapchat has always been the fastest way to communicate, and now it's the fastest way to shop!" Clearly, Snapchat is revolutionizing the way consumers find and buy products, and Amazon is lucky to be a part of it.


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