The Kiln Solution

Covid-conscious, all-inclusive, flexible office space solutions for teams of 1 to 50 are available at Kiln. Long-term lease agreements are dying, never sign another one again. What do these solutions look like?

A Base Camp for Flex Workforce

Rightsize your HQ to accommodate those that want to work in office full-time, as well as those that may only want to flex in and out.

A Satellite Office for Long-Commute Employees

Provide a satellite office space for your team members that have a longer commute to HQ.

A Workplace Benefit for a Remote Workforce

Add a Kiln membership to your remote workforce benefit package. Give them a place to work and meet away from home.

A Place to Gather for a WRH Team

Access meeting room space and other office space amenities when the home office isn't cutting it.

What's next?

See for yourself, book a tour of Kiln now.