Now operating in four locations in Utah and Colorado, we’ve introduced a new workspace option that better serves the specific needs of larger, more dynamic teams.

All-Inclusive Amenities

Few would argue that the most important asset that any business has is their people. We help companies put their people first by caring for their physical, social, and intellectual needs. Our all-inclusive amenities from complementary food and beverage offerings to involved community events and everything in between provides a competitive edge in our competitive market. 

Premium Finishes

Finding the perfect office never felt so easy. With hand-crafted finishes your team will feel elevated as they’re introduced to our custom sit-to-stand desks, world-class furnishings, one of a kind paneling structure, and inspiring design elements that increase creativity and productivity. 

Every Studio is personalized with private reception areas and an open and collaborative layout. In addition to gorgeous shared meeting rooms, each Studio has its own private meeting spaces. 

Improved Technologies

We’ve created the optimal environment with new and improved technologies. All Studios are equipped with effective sound insulation to improve acoustical quality in addition to a professional white noise solution that cancels background bustle. 

Each room contains 50% up/down lights and track directional systems with sensors that maintain a consistent lighting environment no matter what time of day, feeling warm and peaceful 24/7.

A majority of the Studios have independent HVAC zones to control temperature and flow. 

Increased Flexibility 

Many, if not most, businesses are losing their appetite for signing multi-year leases. Flexible, month-to-month options eliminate long-term liabilities and increase flexibility in this post-Covid world. Only pay for what you need today knowing that you’ll always have what you need tomorrow. 


With more teams exploring flexible work options, it’s important to have a space to facilitate the trial of those new strategies whether you want to use Kiln as a place to gather your remote team or a home base for your flex workforce. 

Each Studio is carefully crafted to optimally support the needs of your growing team. The future of work is flexible, your workspace should be too. Move in, brand up, and grow at Kiln.

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