Previous Kiln members, Good Glucos, is “the Dollar Shave Club” of diabetic test strips, with a philanthropic twist. Each month, subscribers receive a month’s worth of test strips delivered to their door. Additionally, with every 12 new subscribers, 12 months of diabetic test strips are donated to someone in need. So far, Good Glucos has donated to people in the US, Peru, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, and Ghana.

On August 29, Elliot Gatt and Pierrick Gélinas of Good Glucos competed in the Create the Future Awards pitch competition at Pluralsight LIVE 2018. The awards provided an opportunity for startups to compete to win prizes and pitch their ideas to potential investors and customers. Good Glucos was one of 100+ applicants and was selected as one of 5 finalists, ultimately winning the People’s Choice Award.

In the coming years, Good Glucos hopes to continue to expand in North America, particularly in hospital sales, as well as expand in bulk sales in Central America, and possibly, Asia. Elliot Gatt, Founder says they are also “looking to tackle the high cost of insulin in the US, which is currently about 5x the cost of that in Canada.” Elliot continued to describe how price fixing in the US has affected diabetics throughout the country, resulting in subscribers asking the company to take on this huge issue.

Good Glucos was a part of the Summer 2018 Beta Boom cohort, which was part of the Kiln community this year. Elliot says, “[Kiln] provided an inspiring place to work, the foundation where you can get your best ideas, networking events that help you connect… we just think that’s incredible. I’ve never seen offices so well designed, consistently. It’s a great place to be. You’ve nailed it.”

Congratulations, Good Glucos! We’re excited to see your continued success moving forward. 

Get more info on Good Glucos here.