The SEO Industry Is Broken

The problem with the SEO industry is that it’s reactive and almost exclusively services-driven. Consultants and agencies don’t have the technical skills or tools to fundamentally improve their client’s website and drive significant results. When Google updates its algorithm, they are often left scrambling, resorting to guess and check strategies, and hoping they land on the solution.

A Different Approach to SEO

By contrast, we engage proactively with Google initiatives and lead with results-based software. Huckabuy continuously monitors Google’s trajectory long before algorithm changes take effect to optimize for the future of search.​ ​Unlike other SEO software solutions that simply provide reporting and analytics on your website, our solutions are built to do one thing: increase organic search traffic and drive revenue.

SEO For the Google Search Bot

A couple of years ago, we asked the simple question: what would it look like to build a website designed for the Google Search Bot? The answer was: sites should be in flat HTML, page speed should be of the highest priority, and every piece of content should be layered with structured data - the language of Search Bots. Once we answered this question, we set out to build SaaS products that make websites speak as well to a Search Bot as they do to humans.

Huckabuy SEO Software

Our first product, automated structured data software, deploys markup on your site in a matter of minutes. This allows websites to start speaking the preferred language of Search Bots right away. Google rewards the use of structured data in a lot of interesting ways. The biggest benefit are “rich results” in search - where Google adds more actionable information prominently displays them on the search results page.

Our second product, SEO Cloud, takes advantage of a key Google initiative - dynamic rendering. Dynamic rendering allows you to serve a version of your website specifically designed for the Google Search Bot. The SEO Cloud version of your website is flat HTML, marked-up with structured data, and instantly accessible to Search Bots because it is hosted in a caching layer. The ultimate crawling experience.


SEO wins happen when Google understands everything it needs to know about your website in a frictionless manner. That requires building your SEO strategy on a technical foundation. When websites incorporate structured data and dynamic rendering, they experience more visibility, engagement, and qualified inbound traffic through organic search. This ultimately leads to more revenue opportunities for your business. That’s why we say Huckabuy’s SEO software is the win you didn’t know you were missing. 

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