You may hear about the health benefits of practicing gratitude in your daily life, but do you ever think to carry that practice into your work place?

“Gratitude is the ultimate performance-enhancing substance at work,” says Professor Robert Emmons, a gratitude researcher and psychology professor at UC Davis. 

Here are some ways to start cultivating an attitude of gratitude at work:

Make time to see the good. 

Work can feel busy and hectic, with little time to spare. We are all in need of those “brain breaks” in between projects and meetings, but how are you spending yours? Instead of picking up your phone or scrolling through social media, take a moment to step back, breath, and look around you. Create the space to open your eyes and see the good in front of you. 

Write it out. 

At the end of your workday, write down three wins. You may have challenging days, but there is always something positive you can dig up. Meeting a deadline, committing to a lunch break, etc. Leave your list somewhere visible so you can see it and start your next day with some momentum. 

Compliment a co-worker. 

It is easy to get caught up in our personal lives and our own work, but taking the time to compliment a co-worker can go a long way. Pause to notice others accomplishments and get to know your team a little better. Doing so will boost those around you and create a more positive work environment. 

Give a note. 

Take time to write your colleagues notes filled with compliments and gratitude. Not only does this help you be more aware of those around you, but it lifts others spirits and creates a better team bond. 

Gratitude is a practice and takes work, but it can make a real change in your work environment. So start practicing today!