The link between your office environment can easily be made to your mood, but have you ever thought about its effects on your professional career? Your day-to-day surroundings are most likely more impactful than most of us realize. Picture this, you’re working in a cramped office with hundreds of cubicles lining the room and only a computer screen keeping you company. The smell of old coffee and stale refrigerator leftovers fill the air and you can’t really remember the last time you really had fun while you were at work. This situation is probably not your ideal one. 


Now, shift gears and imagine sitting in an open-flow office with an aesthetically-impactful interior that is proven to help improve your mood and creativity. Fresh flowers and plants are popped in every corner, each conference room has its own flare and unique prints and tchotkes make you smile each time you turn the corner. Which option would you prefer? The latter? Us, too. But why is that our top choice? Let’s dive in.


Office Design Boosts Employee Health

One of the surest ways you can stifle work productivity is by stuffing your employees in an old, windowless office. Natural light has an enormous effect on your energy and mood! It has been scientifically proven that natural light improves the health of everyone in the office (Fast Company). So, if opening your office space up and letting sunlight pour in is the best option for your employee’s health, why not work in an office that lets you? Kiln gives you the best of both worlds. 


Your employees won’t need a promotion to get an office with a view— Kiln gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from natural sunlight and expansive views with our internationally influenced design. 


Office Design Improves Morale

Boxed-in cubical workspaces can cause claustrophobic leanings and, of course, mundanity. Unfortunately, we all know what mundanity leads to—boredom and rises in your employee turnover rate. If you want a workspace that combats the dullness that often plagues a business, then a communal work environment design is the answer for you. Shared workspaces like the environment produced at Kiln are an updated office design that helps inspire collaboration and improves the work your business is generating. From panels with local partners to exclusive (and fun) members-only events, there is never a dull day in a Kiln location.


Office Design Fosters

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Communal spaces are also an easy way to boost creativity around the office. Coworking spaces use proven workspace designs that enhance the work of its members. Kiln gives professionals the opportunity to join forces with like-minded entrepreneurs every day. This collaborative environment directly targets the monotony of the professional industry. It also improves work by inspiring you to work with people from your industry that have different insights, as well as, professionals outside your industry who can help shape new perspectives.


Intriguing Design Helps

Your Employees Thrive

Aesthetics matter to your work. It is as simple as that. No matter if you are looking for new recruits or a new way to drive your business forward, better office design is the key. Many companies overlook the importance of office design or push it to the side because of the amount of money and time it might take to improve their current space. Luckily for these businesses, Kiln has everything needed for your company to have the office design of your dreams.

Our coworking community is meticulously designed to help individuals and teams elevate their craft. By combining our years of industry experience and proven statistical information from all over the world, Kiln can give you the optimal environment for your business grow. Get in touch with our team to book a tour of our office space today.