Scott Paul, CEO of Wooly, has come to two key realizations in his vast experience being a 5x founder: 1) Finding a place to work is one of the hardest parts about running a startup, and 2) Having a great network and team is essential to success.

The Wooly team has recently joined Kiln and in doing so has been able to hit home on both of Scott’s takeaways. As he puts it, “This is the only place that is a true convergence and intersection of everything.”

Paul describes Kiln as the the place to be. It is a unique coworking space that allows you to work just down the hall from incredibly intelligent professionals from a variety of companies. A walk from your car to your desk can involve 6 different conversations with 6 different CEOs. Networking events take on a whole new meaning as a quick snack break can even mean a new client.

Since becoming a Kiln member, Scott has found continued success and growth in Wooly. He has seen the creation of a new service arm of the company and has found enormous satisfaction in truly addressing and solving problems that huge companies are facing. The Wooly team has seen accomplishments with their product road maps and continues to find ways to make a difference with their clients.

Scott has been able to take a step back from dealing with another run to Home Depot for a burnt out lightbulb and a step forward to dedicating his time completely to running his company. “Kiln is killing 15 birds instead of only 2 with 1 stone,” he says. Letting Kiln take care of so many of the little details really lets you focus on doing your job.